Start Your Career with Barry's Food

At Barry's Food group of restaurants, we are in ongoing need of talented and motivated team members. We are ever-growing, and we will make space for anyone willing to work hard, regardless of the length of experience in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Our locations include:

  • Barry's International - McAllen, TX
  • Barry's International - South Padre Island, TX
  • Barry's Tacos & Margaritas (Food Trailer) - South Padre Island, TX
  • La Copa Cabana Bar & Grill - South Padre Island, TX
  • The Lookout Bar & Refuge - South Padre Island, TX

Upcoming locations:

  • Barry's International - Round Rock, TX
  • Barry's Mexican Cantina - South Padre Island, TX

Our positions include (in no particular order):

  • Back-of-House Manager
  • Bar Manager
  • Bartender
  • Cocktail Server
  • Cook Manager
  • Expediter/Runner
  • Front-of-House Manager
  • Host
  • Host & To-Go Manager
  • Line Cook
  • Out-of-Store Operations Manager
  • Sanitization Manager
  • Sanitizer/Dishwasher
  • Server
  • Server Manager
  • Store General Manager